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How to Know if Dog Training is the Right Career for You

A border collie jumps for a plastic disc that a trainer is holding

Dog training can be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable career. There are a variety of angles you can take. You could become an obedience trainer, a trainer of police and security dogs, a service dog trainer, or do it all as a master dog trainer. Building up a good reputation will help you build a… Read more »

The Positive Impacts Obedience Trainers Have on Dogs and Owners

A beagle is fed by a treat by an obedience dog trainer

If you’re new to dog ownership or you’re considering getting a puppy, you may be wondering if obedience training is right for your animal. And if you’re considering becoming an obedience trainer, you may be wondering what good your work will do. Well, obedience training comes with a whole host of benefits for both dogs… Read more »

Three Goals that we have for our Graduates

When the staff at Conifer Canine got together to create the Dog Trainer College, we had very clear goals in mind.  We wanted to produce graduates that not only know what they are doing as trainers but also excel in their skills.  Our dog trainer courses revolve around providing three necessities for becoming a well-rounded,… Read more »

The Fast-Growing Dog Trainer Job Market

An animation of a woman training a dog

For those who love canines, becoming a dog trainer may seem like fulfilling a lifelong dream: spending all day with the creatures they love while also providing a valuable service to both the animal and its owner. But like with any potential profession, prospective dog handlers may wonder what their job prospects are like. There’s… Read more »

Benefits to Becoming a Master Dog Trainer

Dogs and their trainers await instruction

If you’re considering getting into the field of dog training, you may be interested in just one specialty at first. After a few years, however, you may want to add more skills, which will require more training. Instead, consider becoming a master dog trainer at the outset of your career to save time, learn more… Read more »

Will I be Able to Train Dogs after I take a Trainer Course

Occasionally someone will ask, “Will I be able to train dogs after I take a trainer course?” We know the vast amount of effort and material that is put into our dog trainer courses, so we want to give a resounding, “Yes.” Yet, the adage sneaks into the equation.  “You can lead a horse to… Read more »

What You’ll Learn in a Behavior & Obedience Dog Trainer Program

No matter what specific dog training you’re interested in, you’ll need to use proper behavior and obedience techniques to have dogs work with you in a positive manner. Understanding why dogs act the way they do, what motivates the dog into acceptable action, and how to make corrections to their behavior is essential for a… Read more »

Life as a Student at the Dog Trainer College

Let’s attempt to illustrate what a typical day looks like at Conifer Canine’s Dog Trainer College.  But, one of the advantages of attending the dog trainer school is that no two days are exactly alike. Once you decide to become a professional dog trainer, apply online here. We’ll get back with you ASAP with your… Read more »

Three Prerequisites to consider about Becoming a Dog Trainer.

Good dog trainers don’t just put treats in a bag, walk over to the dog and the dog miraculously does what the trainer desires.  It takes more than that. Here are a few thoughts (outside the box) to consider.  If you want to become a dog trainer, read on! Let’s look at three prerequisites to… Read more »

Dog Trainers Teach Dogs (and Owners!)

Dogs and their trainers await instruction

If you are thinking about becoming a dog trainer, or are currently enrolled in dog trainer courses, then you’re already halfway there—yes, we said halfway. Part of being a dog trainer is, of course, working with the dogs and understanding their behaviors. But the other part is working well with the dog owners. Keep in… Read more »