4 Common Myths About Dog Training

The relationship that you have with your dog is truly like no other. One of the best ways to build a strong and trustworthy relationship is through training. When people think of dog training, they tend to think that it’s all about treats and commands, but there’s actually a lot more that goes into it. 

Because dog training is an art, we thought that we’d address some of the more common myths that are associated with dog training:

Dog Training

Myth #1-Dogs Only Listen to Domination

Many people think that the only way to build a trusting relationship with your pet is through domination. However, the most effective training is all about communication. Trying to dominate your dog during the training process could potentially undermine your dog’s trust. And if you’re working with a dog that has behavioral issues already, using more aggression to help train may have an adverse effect. 

Using positive reinforcement has been proven to be a safer, and more effective option in training. 

Myth #2-Positive Dog Training Doesnt Involve Discipline 

Because you choose to positively reinforce your dog does not mean that you don’t believe in discipline. Vocal interruptions, time-outs, ignoring negative behaviors, and other forms discipline that will help your dog learn the right skills. 

Myth #3-You Can Only Teach Your Dog One Thing at a Time

Dogs can process many concepts at the same time. As always, you can overwhelm your dog by expecting them to learn multiple tricks in one day, but they don’t have to perfect each skill before moving on to a new one. A good place to start is by introducing two to four manageable skills at a time.

Myth #4-You Should Never Use Food as an Award 

Treats are a very powerful tool in training. Food can help fearful dogs come out of their shells and keep them interested in learning more. Reinforcement with food has made dogs respond faster and more reliably because they enjoy the reward.

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