Dog Trainers Teach Dogs (and Owners!)

If you are thinking about becoming a dog trainer, or are currently enrolled in dog trainer courses, then you’re already halfway there—yes, we said halfway.

Part of being a dog trainer is, of course, working with the dogs and understanding their behaviors. But the other part is working well with the dog owners.

Keep in mind that when you are training a dog, you are training the owner, as well.

Establish a trustworthy relationship with the dog owner

Dog Trainer Courses IndianaIn order for you to gain credibility as a dog trainer and build clientele, you have to first market yourself properly. This means showcasing your experience and care with your dog training classes across social media, or perhaps your very own website.

Once selected by an owner, it’s essential that you continue to maintain that growing relationship with both owner and canine.

Securing that trust will help you find success in your classes.

Ensure the dog owner puts your training into practice at home

That trust between you and your client must go both ways.

In order for the dog to learn the commands taught in your classes, the owner must implement those same commands at home.

This starts with making sure that your client fully understands the commands you’re teaching and will actively work to use them outside of class.

Help build the dog and owner bond

One of the most important roles you play as a dog trainer is encouraging a healthy and happy bond between dog and owner. This comes naturally if you, as the trainer, have a good relationship with both, and will only strengthen the skills and commands learned in your classes.

At Dog Trainer College, we place a huge emphasis on learning how to successfully work with both dog and owner because both are equally important when you start to establish your own classes. Learn more about what our dog trainer courses have to offer and give us a call at 812-650-2394 with any questions you may have!

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