Is Master Dog Trainer School Right for You?

If you’re interested in becoming a dog trainer and can’t decide on your area of study, consider a master trainer course.

Master dog trainers separate themselves from other trainers, as they have a wealth of knowledge in nearly every dog training technique, work with a wide range of dogs and have the hands-on experience needed to work in most dog training fields.

Whether it be training tracking, service, protection or obedience dogs, you will be well equipped to meet any training challenge and will be ready for success in the dog training world upon graduation.

Dog Trainer

Learn a wide range of training techniques

A master dog trainer course is unique in that it teaches skills and techniques for several popular training programs, all in one course.

Through this program you will learn training techniques for service dog training, scent detection, human remains detection, man-trailing, search and rescue, police/military K-9 work and more.

You’ll also be well equipped to diagnose training problems, work with a wide range of dogs, be prepared to run your own business and much more.

Get hands-on experience

Since you’re being taught several training programs in one course, you’ll be required to spend a time in a classroom as well as a large amount of time in a hands-on training experience. The variety of courses inspires flexibility, competence, and – ultimately – dog training success.

In this course you will learn the necessary skills and techniques for each program through hands-on training with dogs of all sizes and temperaments and will be given constructive criticism and instruction which will help you learn and grow throughout the course.   

Understand training dangers and how to deescalate them

Although it is essential to get up close and personal with the dogs you will be training, it is important to remember the dangers that come with it.

Master Trainer students will often be involved as decoys, helpers and handlers, and are at risk of being bitten and injured. True master trainer programs will include bite-work with dogs, and although safety measures are in place, there’s always a chance for injury. But don’t fret it… our experience is that it is more likely to get bitten by pet dog than a patrol dog.

In this program you will learn how to react and deescalate potentially dangerous situations, which will help you tremendously in the real world. But again, this is done in a calculated, controlled setting for both the dog and the decoy/helper.

If you feel you are ready to become a master dog trainer, we ask that you think of us at Dog Trainer College. Located in Spencer, IN, we offer an intensive 20-week master trainer course that will have you certified as a Master Dog Trainer upon graduation.

Whether you want to increase your chances of being hired by a dog trainer or want to start your own training business, this course will have you equipped to take on anything in the world of dog training.

To learn more about our upcoming courses, reach out to our friendly staff at 800-795-4201.