What You’ll Learn in Detection Dog Training

Joining a detection dog training program will give you the ability to train dogs in a wide variety of detection methods.

Whether you’re looking to become an expert trainer of drug dogs, bomb dogs, cadaver dogs or want any other detection training, a detection dog course will aide you in becoming an expert in your desired detection field.

The methods used in these programs have a proven track record and will have you ready to work with law enforcement, security companies and more to properly train their dogs in the art of detection.

Drug Dog Sniffing Tires

How to train drug detection dogs

This part of the course teaches nearly every aspect of drug detection dog training, from understanding how to train them with an aggressive or passive alert, to learning how to imprint them on drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, and their derivatives.

With this course, you will have the expertise to train drug detection dogs for nearly any agency or department.

How to train bomb detection dogs

In this area of the course, you will learn how to train detection dogs on proper search techniques, will learn scent theory and more.

You will learn how to teach them with a passive alert, and how to imprint them on nitrates, chlorates, PETN, TNT, RDX and their derivatives.

How to train cadaver (HRD) dogs

In this section of the course, you will learn how to train dogs to find human remains on both land and water.

Whether it be teaching them to pick up on human remain scents, how to be obedient at a distance or anything in between, you will gain the expertise required to teach detection dogs for any agency or department.

No matter if you are interested in opening your own detection dog training facility or simply want to become an expert in the field to assist local law enforcement and security companies, we suggest signing up for our detection dog training course at Dog Trainer College.

Located in Spencer, IN, our training courses last 6 weeks and will have you prepared for anything that may come up when training detection drug dogs, bomb dogs, cadaver dogs and more.

For more information on our upcoming courses and how to sign up, give us a call today at 800-795-4201.