Becoming a Master Dog Trainer

If you have ever wanted to become a master dog trainer, then your opportunity has finally arrived. At Dog Trainer College, we will teach you all the skills you need to be the best dog trainer you can be through our master trainer program. This incredibly comprehensive learning opportunity presents you with the chance to learn about every type of dog training and the best way to train dogs for careers in each particular specialty.Dog Trainer

Here is a quick look at the different training aspects included as part of the comprehensive master trainer program.

Our behavior and obedience courses teach you the basics of dog training, with lessons on everything from puppy development and house training to curtailing canine aggression. We offer both physical and online versions of these courses independently as well, but this knowledge provides the initial foundations of dog training and differentiation.

The master course also covers all you’ll need to know for protection dog training. Covering the same information students would look for in our protection dog trainer course, these lessons will cover how to train a dog to guard their owners. You’ll learn how to get a dog to trust their own senses to read a situation to determine whether an individual is friend or foe, and how to use their strength and agility to come to the defense of their owner if necessary.

Master trainers will also learn how to focus a dog’s sense of smell for both scent detection and cadaver search uses. In the course of the program, you will learn how to tap into a dog’s inane sense of smell and how to train an individual pup to detect and cue on different smells. Scent detection dogs are often used by airport security and border patrol members to detect illicit substances and explosives. Cadaver dogs, on the other hand, are trained to hone in on scents associated with human remains and how to follow that scent across rough terrain and waterways.

On the topic of law enforcement and investigations, master trainers will also learn how to train dogs to work in police and military service with police K9 training. Students in the master class will learn how to teach dogs the skills needed to work alongside the men and women of the police force, with lessons covering both the field work – apprehension of suspects, detection of narcotics and/or explosives, tactical insertion and more – as well as the record keeping, case law requirements, and other associated aspects involved with the use of police dogs.

Finally, master trainers will also benefit from education on training service dogs to help individuals in a wide variety of situations. Students will learn to learn the ins and outs of service dog training and what makes an effective service animal. They will learn specialized training, as well, allowing graduates to train psychiatric service dogs, medical alert service dogs, canine companions for those with seizure issues or autism and much more.

When we say that our master training program covers everything, we really mean it, and if you are serious about dog training, now is the time to take action.  Another semester begins soon.  Applications for new students are due 2 weeks prior to the start date.  The master trainer course is only offered during the spring and summer semesters, meaning now it the time to enroll and start pursuing the career you’ve always wanted.

Apply for enrollment online now, or call Dog Trainer College today at 812-650-2394 to learn more about our programs.

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