Importance of Exercise for Trained Dogs

Dog Trainer CollegeIf you have a dog that is being trained to become a police dog, a security dog, or another type of dog that will play an important role, you might think that you need to limit the amount of exercise it gets on a regular basis. After all, your dog is going to be spending a lot of energy on its daily duties, so it’s best not to overexert it, right? In theory, yes, you don’t want to put too much strain on a dog. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make sure the dog gets some exercise.

When a dog is being trained to do a physical job, it is important that the dog is exercised regularly.

Exercise is good for a dog’s mental well-being.

Trained dogs have to have their guards up at just about all times. This can put a real mental strain on them and affect their mood if they don’t get the opportunity to unwind every now and then. By exercising, you will give your dog the chance to take it easy for a little while and not have to worry about its training. By simply allowing a dog to run free, you can do a lot for its mental health.

Exercise will allow a dog to put its training to good use later.

Your dog can be well trained, but if it’s not in good shape and ready to act, then what good is that training going to do? Whether you have a dog that is trained to chase after criminals or a dog that can sniff out drugs and other items during investigations, your dog needs to be able to maneuver around in many different situations. It needs to be in good shape to do this, which is why exercising it is so important.

Exercise will prevent a dog from becoming overweight.

Dogs—and especially dogs that are aging—have a tendency to put on some weight. You can keep this weight off by watching what you feed your dogs and by making sure it exercises. Exercise will help your dog maintain a healthy weight and prevent it from packing on the extra pounds, making it able to perform it’s trained job longer.

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