Training Relies on a Trainer’s Skill, Not Just the Dog

When a police dog aids in a drug bust or helps to locate a missing person, the dog’s talent and skill for what they do is often praised, but the truth of the matter is that the dog’s trainer is equally deserving of praise. Just like professionals in any field need to train and gain experience to succeed, the same is true of professional K-9 dogs, and the influence of an excellent trainer cannot be understated. When it comes to training dogs, especially dogs who will eventually serve as police dogs, the trainer is just as important as the dog itself.

 The Huffington Post recently reported that two rescue pit bulls – a breed not often associated with police service – have joined North Carolina’s Clay County Sheriff’s Office as police dogs. K-9s Sarah and Phantom joined the sheriff’s office with the help of a grant from the Animal Farm Foundation of New York and Universal K9 of San Antonio, Texas. The dogs will be trained in drug detection and are expected to become valued members of the force.

The addition of the two pits to the sheriff’s office shows us two things. First, the past of a dog – just like a person – doesn’t have to dictate their future. These rescue dogs are being given a second chance at life, and will be trained to be a part of a family of law enforcement professionals. The fact that they are pit bulls shows us a second trait – that breed doesn’t always matter. While some breeds may be more commonly trained or associated with certain responsibilities (like how everyone thinks of Dalmatians at firehouses, for instance), any dog that works with a talented trainer can become a successful dog – and that comes down to a talented and knowledgeable dog training expert.

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