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Training Relies on a Trainer’s Skill, Not Just the Dog

When a police dog aids in a drug bust or helps to locate a missing person, the dog’s talent and skill for what they do is often praised, but the truth of the matter is that the dog’s trainer is equally deserving of praise. Just like professionals in any field need to train and gain… Read more »

Certified Dog Trainer’s Advantage

Certification as a dog trainer means that your skills have been discovered or created, assessed, tested, and proven.  At the Dog Trainer College, certification is received after the student has been a part of classroom instruction, book-work, oversight from experienced trainers/instructors during training sessions, and successful completion of real-life training testing.  Herein the student’s skills… Read more »

Get on the Trail of Scent Detection Dog Training

With their fantastic sense of smell, dogs can be valuable tools for law enforcement in sniffing out illegal substances, bodies, missing persons and even explosives. Plus, they make pretty great partners for the men and women of the force, too! These dogs, like officers, are only as good as the people who train them. Without… Read more »