Reproducible Methods

One of the challenges of dog training is to be sure that we as trainers are using training methods that are reproducible.  In other words, professional trainers can accomplish some wonderful tasks with dogs.  We have the knowledge, skill, & experience to bring out the best in the dog.  But can the dog owner maintain… Read more »

When Does Protection Training Begin?

You want a protection dog, right?  So when should training begin:  8 weeks, 8 months or ???  It’s a common question. Simply, training should begin before the pup is even born.  Yes, I know, a trick answer.  But truly, if you want a solid protector, your dog’s parents should have the character traits you desire… Read more »

Problem Solving

Just like in any other unit in law enforcement, problems can arise with K9 teams.  It could be the dog or the handler, or even an ignorant, bull-headed, anti-K9 Chief or Sheriff.  Let’s look at some problems, particularly that may show up in the dog’s behavior. One of the common areas of need in many… Read more »

Business Budgeting

Ok, let’s face it.  This is not one of the most exciting issues we could talk about today.  But it is part of real life. Dog trainers, at least in many markets, are one of those services which can be feast or famine.  There can be times when clients (and their cash) are aplenty.  Then… Read more »

Pets as Working Dogs

Many people have come to us across the years saying something like, “I have this smart family pet (GSD, Mal, Lab, etc) that I’d like to have trained as a working dog (protector, drug dog, therapy dog, etc).” Red flags are already flying!  Right away, we recognize that this person has limited knowledge of working… Read more »

Emotions of a Dog Trainer

Sometimes beginner trainers get the feeling that they will always be on cloud nine with no problems etc.  But in a real world, there will be problems and down times.  Just like with most other jobs, the dog trainer will encounter high moments and low moments.  Yes, there will be days when you don’t feel… Read more »

Choosing a Dog from a Breeder

If you are planning on purchasing a puppy, we strongly recommend you buy directly from a breeder.  Choose a breeder who can answer your questions confidently; showing you they know the breed.  If you are buying a registered puppy, be sure the information you are given matches what is stated on the registration – date… Read more »

Becoming a Good Decoy

The “bad guy” in Schutzhund or other competition sports as well as protection and police dog training goes by a number of names, including decoy, agitator, helper, and others.  His job is made to look easy by online videos and by some “backyard wanna-bees.”  However, becoming a good decoy is a skill that takes some… Read more »

Choosing a Dog from the Shelter

This is another article in our series about “Choosing a Dog.”  This time we come from the angle of adopting a dog from a Shelter or Humane Society. There are many good dogs in Shelters that simply need a change to “stretch their wings” and become a part of a family.  Like with choosing a… Read more »

Problems Created in Training

Many of the problems that officers see on the street is a direct result of problems created in training.  Good training leads to good results.  Bad training leads to poor results.  If your level of training is raised, you will see better performance in the field.  By the way, don’t just show up for training… Read more »