Careers That Need Dog Training Experience

If you’re thinking about a career that is rewarding and involves helping others, dog training might be the career for you! Many occupations work closely with canines, where it would be beneficial to know how to train them properly. However, individuals in these professions can’t rely just on their own. First, someone must train the trainer. Who needs to know the principles of canine training? The answer is simple; nearly everyone that regularly works with dogs! Here’s a list of a few career examples.

Careers That Require Dog Training Experience

Vet Technicians 

Owners bring their dogs into the vet when they need a checkup, or they are concerned about an issue with their dog. Learning different behavioral techniques can help settle the dog’s behaviors and calm them down when needed. Also, providing a vet technician with the proper training can help them build a solid foundation so that they can identify behavioral issues like separation anxiety, barking, and aggression. Once the technicians have been trained, they can share their knowledge with their patient’s owners and help them continue these practices at home.


Going to the groomers can be a nerve-wracking experience for a dog. Once their owner leaves, they may start misbehaving with the groomer. If a groomer notices visible signs of an upset dog, they can use different behavioral techniques, like physical contact, to calm them down. Proper behavioral management with an upset dog allows the groomer to gain their trust and eventually lead the dog to cooperate in grooming, nail trimmings, and other procedures. Most importantly, this ensures that the grooming session is safe for the groomer and the dog.

Dog Day Cares/Shelters/Humane Societies

Before anyone decides to pursue a career working with dogs, they need to understand dog behaviors. Working in a setting with many dogs can become overwhelming at times. If behaviors get out of control, you should be able to gain control over them when needed. A staff member in this setting should be well educated on dog behavior, body language, and behavioral management. All employees should receive training from certified professionals in these areas. Furthermore, employees who can recognize and fix behavior problems will enhance the chances of dogs getting adopted, thereby saving canine lives.

At Dog Trainer College, our goal is to teach our students the skills and best practices they will need to teach others successfully. If you enjoy helping animals and working with others, consider dog training as a career. Contact us today to learn more about our courses.