Expectations from a Conifer Canine dog training program

What can a client expect from a Conifer Canine dog training program?

Thanks for asking!

#1 Each client can expect top-notch dog training services.  Our experience and knowledge will be striving to bring out the best in your dog.  The best in one dog may or may not be as solid as other dogs.  For example, say you have a bea-bull (beagle/bulldog).  Both of those breeds are known to be stubborn and on the difficult side to train.  To expect a bea-bull to Heel as nicely as a working line German Shepherd would be an unfair expectation on the dog and the trainer.  However, our trainers will take your dog to the highest level possible for that individual dog.  It may or may not be as fancy as some videos online but it will be the peak of your dog’s potential.

#2 Secondly, you can expect sufficient time to be spent with your dog to provide good training and also encourage solid human/pet communication.  Your dog won’t be “rushed through” to get him/her in and out quickly.  We spend the necessary time to get the job done right.  This typically includes many hours a day in training, feeding, cleaning, playing, exercising and will probably involve interaction with other dogs as well.

#3 Clients can also expect to receive communication from us during your dog’s stay.  Typically this is through email as we can include more dog obedience traininginformation in an email versus a text.  We will keep you updated on your dog’s progress or problems that may be encountered along the way.  Your questions are always welcome.  And after your dog’s training is finished, our staff will be available to our clients if a need, problem, or question arises.

#4 Our clients can expect a safe and clean training environment and living quarters for your dog.  Our staff is trained in disease control and maintain a healthy setting.  Your dog will be fed on the schedule provided to us upon the drop-off of your dog.  Any medications will be given on the date/s you specify.  You will be contacted in the event of a medical emergency (don’t worry – this has only happened once in nearly 25 years of training).

Whether it’s our in-kennel training, private lessons, or our School for Dog Trainers, you can expect premier service and a rewarding experience from Conifer Canine.