German dog training commands

The following commands are given with their German dog training commands equivalent and a pronunciation guide.

Command                  German                               Pronunciation
Heel                                Fuss                                         foos
Sit                                   Sitz                                          zits
Stand                              Steh                                         shtay
Stay                                Bleib                                        bly’b
Down                              Platz                                        plotz
Come                              Hier                                         hee-er
Retrieve                           Bring                                        brring
Jump                               Hopp                                        hupp
Go Out                            Voraus                                     for owss
Guard                              Wache                                     watch-ay
Bite                                 Packen                                     pock-en
Let Go/Out                      Aus                                          owss
Speak                             Gib Laut                                   geeblout
Kennel                            Zwinger
Crate                              Box
Correction word             Pfui                                           fooey
“No”                               Nein                                         nine
Good                             Gut                                           gute
Track                             Such                                         zook


“a”                Dog’s hips have been xrayed and found acceptable. Required for Breed Survey.
“a normal” = normal hips. Equivalent to OFA Excellent.
“a fast normal” = near normal hips. Equivalent to OFA Good.
“a noch zugelassen” = still permissible. Equivalent to OFA Fair.
VA               Show rating. Excellent Select title that is only awarded at the Annual Sieger Show
V                 Show rating. Excellent. Dog must be at least 2 years old.
SG               Show rating. Very Good. Highest a dog can receive under 24 mos. old.
G                 Show rating. Good. Average.
A                  Show rating. Satisfactory. Given to below average dogs.
M                 Show rating. Poor.
U                  Show rating. Unsatisfactory. Failed.
CACIB         European international champion.
SchH/IPO    Working dog rating given to dogs who have passed the three tests of obedience, protection
and tracking. 1=beginner, 2=intermediate, 3=master.
AD               Given to dogs who have passed an endurance test by gaiting for nine miles, given a ten minute
break, and then a simple obedience test. Required for a Breed Survey.
BH               Temperament and obedience test given to qualify for Schutzhund titles. Must be completed
before competing in SchH1.
FH               Tracking. 1=advanced, 2=superior.
Angehort      Breed surveyed. Recommended for breeding.
KKL1           Especially recommended for breeding. Highest breed title a dog can receive.
KKL2          Suitable for breeding. These dogs may have a structural or protection fault which could be
compensated for bloodlines or working qualities. May be resurveyed and reclassified at a
later date.