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Dog Shedding Tips

Shedding can be a cause of frustration for many dog owners.  Dogs shed for a number of reasons.  A common reason is simply the change of seasons.  The amount of daylight and the temperature affect shedding.  Indoor dogs will usually shed more regularly with less seasonal shedding. Stress is another factor to shedding.  Many dogs… Read more »

How to Choose a Dog Food

We often get asked, “What is a good dog food?”  Or, “how do I choose a dog food?” We’ll try to help with this very brief article. First, you have to realize that the dog food industry is a huge marketing endeavor.  Millions of dollars are poured into TV and magazine ads that pull at… Read more »

Tips on Preventing Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a concern in all breeds, but especially large breed dogs.  We have assembled a short list with some tips on preventing hip dysplasia.  Implement this article to reduce the risk and also to reduce the pain of a dog who has the disease. A good breeder will do their homework to greatly… Read more »