4 Surprising Facts About Working K9’s That You Probably Didn’t Know

Working dogs are truly like no other. From service dogs to police K9’s, we should be grateful for the hard work that these dogs do each day.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts about service dogs:

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A K9 Will Typically Go into Service Between 18-24 Months

Most working dogs are bred into their lifestyle. That’s why they can begin training at a young age. Typically, a service dog will start their training anywhere between 12-18 months. After training, they will begin their service, which can last between 6-8 years.

Not All K9’s Are German Shepherds

German Shepherds are frequently trained to work alongside police officers because they are calm under pressure, very intelligent, and easy to train. These dogs love to work and perform well in high-stress situations, making them a perfect match for their career. However, not every K9 has to be a German Shepherd. In fact, Belgian Malinois are also often used as police K9’s because of their short fur and smaller size.

K9’s Are Trained to Apprehend Criminals but Protect People

It takes a lot of time and hard work to properly train a K9. A dog must understand the difference between a criminal and someone who needs to be protected. Usually, their instinct will help them determine the difference, however it isn’t always reliable.

Once basic training is complete, it is expected that dogs practice daily to maintain a high level of physical and mental fitness.

K9’s Can Be Trained to Smell Almost Anything

One of the main job responsibilities of a working dog is scent detection. K9’s are trained to smell out concealed substances such as explosives, drugs, and other substances that the human nose might not be able to detect as quickly.

The ingestion of substances rarely occurs while the K9 is on duty.

How Can You Learn How to Train K9’s

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