A Guide to the Different Types of Service Dogs

For those with any type of disability, a service dog can be an incredible companion and guide throughout the day. While service dogs are typically associated with those who lose their sight, many people can benefit from a guide dog. However, not all dogs are qualified to become service dogs. The best type of service dog is one that is people-oriented but not protective, lacks a strong herding instinct, doesn’t need a lot of activity, and recognizes the alpha leader. Read on for more information regarding a few of the many different types of service dogs.

Mental Health Service Dogs

Service Dog Aiding a Blind WomanPeople suffering from mental health issues are great candidates for a service dog. If someone is suffering from what is frequently referred to as an “invisible disability” such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety attacks, panic attacks, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and other mental disabilities, they would benefit from a guide dog by their side.

Medical Service and Seizure Assistance Dogs

These guide dogs are great for performing any sort of medical need such as checking insulin levels, assisting with mobility issues and helping to perform physical tasks. For medical dogs that specifically help with seizures due to epilepsy, they can sense when a seizure is coming and help to cushion the fall or lower the person gently to the ground.

Autism Assistance Dogs

People who have autism suffer from sensory overload, so a service dog can help act as a point of focus. They also provide emotional support and other physical tasks.

Allergy Detection Dogs

These service dogs are specially trained to pick up the scent of an allergen, so they can alert their companion. For those with life-threatening allergies, these dogs can be vital in avoiding things like tree nuts, gluten or shellfish. Most Allergy Detection Dogs carry medical information and emergency protocol on a vest that they typically wear, or they carry a USB key attached to their collar.

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