A Protection Dog is an Investment

Most items that are high dollar are considered investments.  This could include a house, car, boat, education, etc.  The same can be said of protectionprotection dog training dogs.  Now, these dogs need not cost what most of the above items would (however there are some sellers out there charging astronomical prices).

A personal protection dog is an investment in the safety of you and/or your family.  They are for those who need an added layer of protection in this bizarre world we live in – with many crooks, dweebs, and perverts.  We recommend having other forms of protection in place alongside a protection dog, depending upon your needs and comfort level.

True protection dogs can be pricey.  First, the dog itself – if it truly has the needed drives to do the work – will be a higher-priced item.  Secondly, the training involves much time and a lot of expensive equipment.  Neither of these should be cutting corners to save money.  Doing so will inevitably cheapen your dog – not only in pricing but in quality.

Now, if you merely want a pet that just happens to act ferocious when someone comes around, a protection dog is probably not for you.  But if you have a real need for security, the protection dog is always on duty night and day, 24/7/365.  Whether you have a power failure, or your aim is off, or you’re asleep at the time of the home intrusion, the dog can be depended upon to work for you.

This kind of dog is an investment.  It’s one that gives peace of mind and true security.  It’s a testament of value; a finely-tuned, dependable instrument that adds to the quality of life you enjoy.  These kind of dogs cannot be found at every breeder’s doorstep or Shelter.  They are not a dime per dozen.  They are relatively rare in the big picture of the dog world.  They are not common or ordinary.

When considering the purchase of a personal protection dog, our advice is to go all out.  That doesn’t mean you have to pay $60,000 for the dog.  It just means to be sure you’re getting true quality.  Ask lots of questions.  Choose a dog from a reputable and experienced breeder or seller of working dogs.  Work with an experienced, certified trainer.  Consult their advice before purchasing a dog.  Many trainers also have dogs for sale that will meet the need you have.  Do your research (although a lot of advice out there should be left out there).   (We have a lot of helpful information about protection dogs and other working dogs in our Blog collection).

A protection dog is an investment.  And just like with other investments – if you do your homework, choose wisely, be willing to sacrifice in order to get quality results – you will have an investment that gives years of pleasure, companionship, and security.