Medical Alert Service Dogs Can Help

Epilepsy Dogs are truly amazing creatures. In addition to being loving companions, when properly trained, they can also serve as animal doctors, helping owners with a range of medical ailments. Many dogs can sense discomfort before their owners can, and all it takes to bring that out is a little training.

Dogs Can Detect the Signs of Epilepsy

When you participate in service dog trainer training at Dog Trainer College, you’ll learn the best practices and methods to train dogs to work as medical alert service dogs for a variety of conditions, including work as an epilepsy service aid. You will learn how to teach dogs to alert their owners to the warning signs and symptoms seizures that are commonly associated with epilepsy. These common signs usually include subtle changes in respiratory rates, odor and behavior, as the Epilepsy Foundation notes, all of which a dog can be trained to sense before their owners do.

Dogs are miraculous creatures and their ability to sense these warning signs are instilled in them since birth. This means that you don’t have to train these dogs how to sense; you simply need to teach them how to hone the senses that they already have.

Through our training, we can instruct you on how to teach your dog to warn their owners that they sense these symptoms by giving the owner a nudge to let them know to take the proper precautions. We can also instruct the dog to bring medicine directly to the individual when they need, or to help alert others in emergency situations that their owner is in need of medical care.

Train Your Dogs to be Proactive Until Help Arrives

Once a dog senses that their owner may be in trouble, many dogs can be taught to help provide immediate first aid care to some degree until paramedics can arrive. This can include positioning their owner in a manner that can ease the difficulty of seizures, retrieving medications that can help control symptoms, and even dialing 911 on specially designed phones. The Dog Trainer College can be instrumental in teaching you how to instill these skills in a dog, and the sky is the limit to the types of conditions that dogs can be trained to assist with.

You can learn these training skills and much more when you enroll in service dog trainer training at Dog Trainer College. Our courses cover these skills plus how to bond with your dog, recognize canine anatomy, and understand scent theory, among many other skills. These skills and more are also covered in our comprehensive master dog trainer program, as well. To lean more or to enroll for the next semester, give us a call today at 812-650-2394.

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