Security Dog Misconceptions

Guard dog training

A security guard and guard dog checking out the security in an industrial or commercial building

A professionally trained security dog is a cost-effective and invaluable addition to a security team.  With the canine’s scenting ability, formidable reputation as a defender, agility, and his willingness to work with mankind, a security dog is an asset.  Many pay for themselves.  Today’s criminals are becoming more intelligent and more malicious than in the past.  Contemporary security teams must operate on an advanced level and employ every option available to maintain public well-being and a secure infrastructure.

There is much misinformation and confusion related to security dog use.  Read on to learn some tips that will free your agency from the bondage of ignorance and lead to a stronger security force.

First, a properly-trained team – made of of dog and its handler – is not a liability; it is an asset.  Many companies view the use of dogs as litigation just waiting to strike.  However this need not be the case.  With proper and professional training of both handler and dog, liability can be greatly reduced.  Even a “bite” dog is not a liability because – if it is trained correctly – it knows when it is proper to bite and when it is not proper to bite.  Courts have established that a law enforcement dog is not a use of lethal force.  Furthermore, many mistakes of the security team are a result of handler error.  Therefore, professionally trained handlers are a wise investment that greatly increase the team’s efficiency.

Secondly, security dogs do not sap the lifeline out of a budget, as is commonly misunderstood.  While a quality dog and a trained handler are somewhat pricey, yet the team they produce will normally pay for itself.  The security dog team can very well be the psychological deterrent that would prevent an act of crime or terror within your guard.  A handler giving the command for the dog to bark vigorously has proven to undo some of the hardest criminals.  No bite – just a bark.  Also, in the event of executive protection, the life and well-being of the corporate leader may be spared.  In special event security, the bomb may be detected before it explodes.  For narcotics detection, the drug ring at the workplace can be busted, the profits seized, and productivity increased.  These are just a few of the real-life situations where a security dog can be utilized to boost a company’s profit.

Thirdly, don’t go blindly into selecting and purchasing the team.  Seek the help of a specialist.  That’s where Conifer Canine comes in.  We are professional trainers with experience in training all phases of a competent security team:  criminal apprehension, detection training, selecting the right dog and the right handler for the job at hand, even the professional training needed for dog team handlers.  We have some of the highest certification standards in the nation, so you know you have a solid team that can be depended upon.  Contact us with your questions, an evaluation of your security needs, and/or a consultation to provide every aspect needed in your security team.