Fully Operational Training Facility

If you have been on our website or visited our Blog, you’ve already heard of the many perks of attending the Dog Trainer College.  But here’s one that may not have hit you yet.

Students who attend the Dog Trainer College are able to acquire a top-notch education while observing a fully operational dog training facility.  Students are able to be a part of new clients dropping off their dog, hear the advice given to these same clients when they return to take their dog home, and listen in on the questions that clients have.  This gives our students an invaluable insight into the way clients think.  Graduates can then apply this important knowledge into their own dog training business upon graduation.

While the Dog Trainer College strives to teach correct and efficient methods of training, students will also be learning how to interact with clients on a warmlyYoung woman and man handshaking professional level.  You’ll be better prepared to answer their questions, see their quirks, pick up their attitudes, and formulate a plan to make the visit positive and productive.

Observing an operational training facility also gives the student a real-life look at what to expect in the training.  Let’s say you plan on offering a three-week training course to your future clients.  What does the dog need to accomplish in the first week in order to complete his/her training in the three-week span?  What if there are problems along the way?

These learning experiences cannot be gained by reading a book or taking an online course.  These are real-life occurrences that the student will most likely encounter as a professional dog trainer.  By seeing these things in action, the student is prepared to “hit the ground running” upon graduation.  The familiarity gained in College will empower the graduate to begin on solid footing instead of playing a guessing game for the first six months of opening his/her own business.

Yes, this is just another of the many great perks our students receive.  This is one of the many reasons we can truthfully state that our students receive a foremost education.

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