Should Police K9s still be trained on Marijuana?

There is much debate among law enforcement personnel these days about whether police K9s should still be trained to alert on Marijuana.  With the recent legalization of the narcotic in some states – and other states threatening to do so – the question is certainly a valid one.Police dog training

We will tell you up front that not everyone will agree with our thinking in this article.  However, let us give you an opinion – an educated opinion, we think.

It is our opinion that K9s should continue to be imprinted and trained on MJ alerts.  The reasoning behind this opinion is simple.

All of the states that have legalized MJ use have set limits to that use/possession.  If a dog alerts to a drawer inside a home, console of a car, etc, the officer merely asks to see the required legal documentation to possess the narcotic.  If the documentation can be produced then all is well – no harm done.

If/when no documentation can be produced, then the case is still open.  Also, if the legal amount of the narcotic is exceeded, the search is still pertinent.  It is our opinion that a large stash of MJ shouldn’t be allowed to enter the mainstream drug supply simply because a smaller amount may qualify as a legal possession for medicinal use.

We admit that some departments will establish policies that differ from this article.  No hard feelings, friend!  Each department will have to use their best judgement is deciding protocol in their searches for their particular needs and area of the country/state.

No matter which policy you choose, be sure to train well and maintain that training!  Strive for a competent team that is second to none.  By the way, Conifer Canine can help with said training J  Contact us if we can be of service to your department.