Top Qualities of a Security Dog

With their heightened senses of smell and hearing, security dogs are reliable assets to any team of security personnel. From working closely with these dogs, we have observed some common qualities that our security pups display, making them perfect for the industry.

It takes a certain type of dog to make it in the world of criminal narcotics and explosives detection. Here are some of the top qualities of a security dog!

Alert and responsive

Security dogs must be at the height of alertness and responsiveness in order to combat the tough challenges they encounter during a day on the job. These pups must respond well to their handlers and be able to follow commands with good temperament in order to effectively perform jobs such as alerting their handlers to drugs, explosives, and criminal evidence.

Focused and intelligent

Security dogs are always paying attention to find the possible target scents around them, intently examining their surroundings. They need to stay focused on the task at hand, which could be as dangerous and important as detecting a bomb. Security dogs exhibit high levels of concentration and are extremely intelligent animals, being able to pick up on commands with ease.

Security Dog Sitting by Dog TrainerConfidence and a hunting ability

These are two very specific traits that a dog must possess in order to complete their jobs competently. If they are confident in their abilities, have a pristine sense of smell and excel in tracking, they will do well with the job at hand. Security dogs should exemplify a balanced temperament. They do not start fights, but they also don’t run from them if his services are needed.

Reliable and loyal

Security dogs must be loyal and reliable to their handlers, who trust their pups to do in-depth detection jobs for a satisfying scratch on the head. The bond between a security dog and his handler includes equal trust and reliability on both sides to create a cohesive crime-fighting team.

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