What to Consider Before Becoming a Dog Trainer

So, you love dogs, but have you ever considered taking that next step to become a dog trainer? Becoming a dog trainer can be a wildly fulfilling career but there are some things to consider before taking the plunge.

You must be good with people too!

When becoming a dog trainer, you may think you only need to be good with canines. However, being a people-person is very important in this industry. After all, it’s not the dogs who pay your salary, it’s their owners who are your clients! You will constantly have to be pitching yourself to prospective clients as well so it’s important to brush up on your sales etiquette.

Dog trainer Running with a Dog During a ClassYou need a flexible schedule

Being a dog trainer means you are in the service industry and that means long nights and weekends. People in this industry must work when their clients aren’t, so consider whether your nights and weekends are something you’re willing to sacrifice. If you have a lot of commitments and hobbies, dog training might not be the right career move for you.

Are you ready to become a student again?

To become a dog trainer, you must undergo a lot of training yourself to obtain the proper knowledge and certifications necessary. Courses can come in many varieties from online learning to apprenticeships and more. After, you will need to get hands on experience through working entry-level and assisting seasoned trainers to hone your skills.

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