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A Protection Dog is an Investment

Most items that are high dollar are considered investments.  This could include a house, car, boat, education, etc.  The same can be said of protection dogs.  Now, these dogs need not cost what most of the above items would (however there are some sellers out there charging astronomical prices). A personal protection dog is an… Read more »

Commitment to Service Dogs

Some of the most committed dog people in the world are service dog owners.  These disabled people develop a strong bond with their dog/s.  Each is depending upon the other to meet particular needs. This little article deals particularly with those who are considering getting a service dog. Do you like dogs?  If not, better… Read more »

When Does Protection Training Begin?

You want a protection dog, right?  So when should training begin:  8 weeks, 8 months or ???  It’s a common question. Simply, training should begin before the pup is even born.  Yes, I know, a trick answer.  But truly, if you want a solid protector, your dog’s parents should have the character traits you desire… Read more »

Pets as Working Dogs

Many people have come to us across the years saying something like, “I have this smart family pet (GSD, Mal, Lab, etc) that I’d like to have trained as a working dog (protector, drug dog, therapy dog, etc).” Red flags are already flying!  Right away, we recognize that this person has limited knowledge of working… Read more »

Choosing a dog: a look at pedigrees.

Selecting a dog can be a big task for some.  This article looks at the subject from the pedigree side of things.  Are pedigrees important?  What should I look for? Use a dog’s pedigree as a tool.  Keep in mind that a pedigree is not a guarantee that your dog will perform like its predecessors. … Read more »

Guard Dog Training Expectations

Ever wondered what to expect when you consider taking your dog to a guard dog training facility?  This article should help. First, you can expect to wade through plenty of confusion and misconceptions.  Unfortunately, this will be the case.  There are tons of opinions and preferences online as well as in individual trainers.  So…how do… Read more »

Puppy Bonding

Do older puppies or young adults bond as well as very young puppies? It’s a fair question that is asked by many dog people. It is a lack of proper information which breeds the idea that older puppies or adult dogs cannot or do not bond with new owners. If a 9 month old puppy… Read more »

Training Protection Puppies

Before you continue with this article it is recommended you read our article entitled, “Protection Puppy Training”. We are taking for granted that you have a puppy who is genetically capable of doing the work you desire and that the pup is being properly socialized to many different kinds of stimuli and situations (see our article… Read more »

Protection Puppy Training

Most people who buy a puppy in hopes of him/her someday becoming a family protector usually do so for one of two reasons. Number one: buying a puppy is less expensive than buying a fully trained dog. Number two: they want a pup/dog who will grow up around their family and therefore bond better with… Read more »