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Guard Dog Training Expectations

Ever wondered what to expect when you consider taking your dog to a guard dog training facility?  This article should help. First, you can expect to wade through plenty of confusion and misconceptions.  Unfortunately, this will be the case.  There are tons of opinions and preferences online as well as in individual trainers.  So…how do… Read more »

Puppy Bonding

Do older puppies or young adults bond as well as very young puppies? It’s a fair question that is asked by many dog people. It is a lack of proper information which breeds the idea that older puppies or adult dogs cannot or do not bond with new owners. If a 9 month old puppy… Read more »

Training Protection Puppies

Before you continue with this article it is recommended you read our article entitled, “Protection Puppy Training”. We are taking for granted that you have a puppy who is genetically capable of doing the work you desire and that the pup is being properly socialized to many different kinds of stimuli and situations (see our article… Read more »

Protection Puppy Training

Most people who buy a puppy in hopes of him/her someday becoming a family protector usually do so for one of two reasons. Number one: buying a puppy is less expensive than buying a fully trained dog. Number two: they want a pup/dog who will grow up around their family and therefore bond better with… Read more »

Working prospect or companion puppy?

Occasionally the question arises, “What is the difference between a working dog prospect pup and a family companion pup?”  This is a very fair question indeed.  The answer is very more detailed than a simple article will allow, yet the following is a brief attempt to answer the question. Both working prospect and family companion… Read more »

Personal Protection Dog Misconceptions

People have a lot of misconceptions and preconceived ideas about personal protection dog training (PPD). Some of it is based on fact but muddled by fiction or feelings. Additionally, there is an internet world packed with information – some of it is good and trustworthy…and some is not. So, we’ll give a brief attempt to… Read more »

Choosing a Working Dog

Ninety-five percent of having a good working dog is beginning with the right dog in the first place. Trying to train an inferior dog is a waste of time and money and will leave you disappointed when “the heat is on.” Finding the right dog is an absolute must. For the purpose of this article,… Read more »