Learn to Train Cadaver Dogs at Dog Trainer College

What does it take to turn regular, ordinary dogs into expert police investigators who can help with homicide or murder investigations? Cadaver dog training.

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, combined with their exceptional tracking and locating abilities, which makes them perfect for helping police investigate crime scenes and for finding missing persons. How do dogs learn to become such valuable resources for police and hone their senses? Through the work of trainers like you!

Cadaver Dog TrainingJoin the ranks of professional cadaver detection dog trainers at Dog Trainer College and learn all aspects of teaching dogs how to locate human remains in a wide variety of situations. Through enrolling in our cadaver dog training course, you will learn all skills necessary to teach a dog to complete a search. Techniques taught include handling, scent theory, search methods, obedience, proofing and alerting.

Learn how to teach a dog to search across any terrain, including water. This class uses real-life situations to teach you how to work with and rely on your dog’s senses to solve investigations.

At the end of this six-week, 240-hour course you will possess the necessary skills to select excellent cadaver dog prospects. The lessons learned with Dog Trainer College’s expert canine training professionals will show you how to train dogs to cue on scents and hone in on prospective burial sites. You will also increase your understanding of how to use training aids to help dogs refine their innate skills safely and effectively and learn how to teach dogs to use their sense of smell to work for you through the study of scent theory.

Additionally, this course will allow you to understand cadaver dogs by teaching you about the science behind dogs’ drives and olfactory systems. Learn the basics behind the laws that affect canine searches, how the environment affects searches, and the best detection training methods and search patterns.

In addition to these new skills, you will also learn about first aid to administer to your dog in case of an emergency as well as distance directions. This highly effective training course costs $4,500, and financial aid and lodging options are available based on need. You may also bring up to two dogs of your own for the training.

To learn more about the skills you’ll learn in the cadaver detection dog training course or to sign up for an upcoming session, call Dog Training College today at 812-650-2394.