Hands-on course vs. Online course

online dog trainer courseOnline courses for dog training fill a need, typically for those who simply cannot travel. But dog training is very hands-on and practical. It is worth a little travel to find a reputable trainer school that offers the course/s that you wish to Major in. It is impossible to learn how to juggle a leash, treats, and other training tools at the same by simply reading a book. It takes practice. Some online courses offer a simultaneous sign-up with a veterinarian or humane society in order to get experience. However most vets and most shelters know little to nothing about real training, with all due respect (they are good at what they’re trained for, but generally they aren’t trained to train). If you want to get experience as a dog trainer, get with a dog trainer!

We feel like that our online Behavior and Obedience course is the cream of the crop when it comes to online courses.  We do attempt to overcome the weaknesses of other courses.  However, we will be honest with you by saying that no online course can duplicate what an on-site course can.  Our online program emphasizes, tests, and discusses the hands-on aspect of training.  Video oversight with our own instructors will help the student overcome poor training habits, inspire new ways of thinking, and gain invaluable practical knowledge along the way.

Furthermore, at the time of this writing, there is no online course that teaches truly advanced training.  They’re basic.  Those desiring advanced training skills will need to attend a reputable dog trainer school.  it is impossible to learn decoy skills, practical scent detection, service dog training or otherwise through a computer.  It takes hands-on experience gleaned from an experienced instructor.

Certification is important in the dog training arena. It is also important where you get that certification. Your future clients will want to know that you know to train dogs, not merely that you how to read a computer screen. While most online courses can only fill your head with valuable information, they are very limited in offering the needed practice and experience of real training. You will need the oversight of a teacher/trainer who has the knowledge and experience of leading you through the various issues and difficulties faced in real-world training.  That’s where we come in.  If you are considering an online dog trainer program, check out the superior program at DTC.

Here at Conifer Canine’s Dog Trainer College, we feel we have a resourceful blend of both classroom setting and practical experience. Students who have been through our course/s tend to agree. Graduates give us very high marks!  We offer competitive pricing and flexibility on semester/s of attendance. All of this is conducted by a certified dog trainer/s, not merely a successful online marketer. Students in our courses receive knowledgeable experience both in the classroom and in the field. Enroll today or contact us with your questions!