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Differences of Opinion and Phraseology

One thing that confuses budding dog trainers is the differences of opinion among dog trainers. If you’ve had the unfortunate lot of “too many chiefs and not enough Indians,” then you’re in for some frustration and even aggravation. Most trainers with experience will be able to get to the finished product.  However their methods of… Read more »

Common Mistakes Dog Trainers Make

Dog Trainer Tips

When you’re learning how to become a dog trainer, it is important that you form solid and reliable training methods from the beginning. There are certain practices that dog trainers should avoid in order to become effective, respectable trainers. Length of Training Sessions Many dog trainers, especially when starting out, have a habit of holdings… Read more »

Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Getting a Dog

Have you been hoping to add a dog to your family for the longest time? If you’re thinking of becoming a new pet owner, there are a couple of things you should consider before committing.  Consider Costs The annual cost for feeding and caring for a dog typically falls between $420 to $780. Plus, sometimes… Read more »

Caring for Your Dog During the Summer

Dog Trainer Courses

There’s no more denying it, summer is officially upon us! It’s time to get outside, soak up some sun, and enjoy the summer weather. Just like you take care of yourself during hot summer months with extra water and sunscreen, it’s important to look after your dog too. Here are some tips for caring for… Read more »

What’s in a Dog Breed? Science Offers an Answer

There are many breeds that a dog trainer may work with throughout his or her career, some similar in some ways, and others vastly different. The American Association for the Advancement of Science reports that a new “tree of breeds” that maps the origins of almost all dog breeds can show us the relation between two seemingly… Read more »

Training Relies on a Trainer’s Skill, Not Just the Dog

When a police dog aids in a drug bust or helps to locate a missing person, the dog’s talent and skill for what they do is often praised, but the truth of the matter is that the dog’s trainer is equally deserving of praise. Just like professionals in any field need to train and gain… Read more »

Excellence Travels Down the Leash

Listen.  Every working dog handler is tempted to settle for mediocre.  It takes effort to excel.  To have a solid, reliable, confident team, handlers and trainers must invest time, energy, and effort.  If you are satisfied with average, your dog will be also.  If you demand excellence, lead towards excellence, and train with excellence, your… Read more »

Spring Training: Not Just for Baseball Fans

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means – spring training! But we’re not just talking about baseball players. Spring season is a good training time for dog trainers, too. At Dog Trainer College, we offer a comprehensive six-week behavior and obedience training course to get you started on your path towards… Read more »

Service Dogs: A History of Helping Hounds

Service dogs are becoming more and more common in this day and age. As a future dog trainer, you should be aware of the history of this market and the different ways that dogs can help their owners. There is a large demand for service dogs in a variety of areas, so let’s explore what… Read more »

Top Traits of a Good Protection Dog

There are more and more people turning to dogs for protection these days. Whether it’s because they own a large home or have children that they want to protect, protection dogs can provide their owners with the sense of safety and security they need. From German shepherds and Rottweilers to Japanese Akitas and Tibetan mastiffs,… Read more »